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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 13, 2014 8:00am-10:01am PST

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bill: wow, if you don't have to go outside today, don't do it. martha: thank you for doing it. thank you forgoing out there, bill. bill: hazardous duty. martha: you're on at 1:00. i'm on at 2:00. have a great day. stay warm and dry. bill: wear a bigger hat. martha: no, we love your hat. see you later. jon: i have one you can borrow, bill. today's top headlines and brand new stories you will see here first. jenna: we don't snead to say it. the storm slamming the south knocking out power to hundreds of thousands is pummeling the northeast. we're live with fox team coverage how it affects everybody in the country. brand new polls released offering a grim outlook on the economy. what it means for your pocketbook and also for politics as well. also a camera falls from a plane and lands in a pig pen. that is the not the most amazing part.
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the video and questions that continue to linger. it is all "happening now." but first we get to the weather. another deadly winter storm battering the northeast right now. major east coast cities could see a foot of snow. that is significant. if you're in minnesota or colorado it doesn't sound too bad. out here it is pretty bad. you have sleet, snow and ice and the big issue is power for some states affected by this weather. we're glad you're with us, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: we're glad you're with us. that means you have power. deaths blamed from the weather impacting folks from alabama to maine. thousands of suffering with no heat or light in atlanta. raleigh, north carolina the roads are extremely treacherous. president obama issueing a state of emergency for south carolina governor nikki haley. look at new york city, right now outside of our headquarters.
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high winds and wintry mix causing big problems. we have fox team coverage with laura ingle here in new york city driving around the streets in manhattan in our quick response vehicle. let's start with jonathan serrie streaming live from college park, georgia, just outside atlanta. how is it going there, jonathan? >> reporter: jon, college park is suburb south of atlanta. we spoke with several residents down this street say they have been without power more than 24 hours. wherever we walk we're seeing tree limbs on the ground and the problem is all of this ice that is caking on the trees. it makes the branches much heavier, causing them to fall and in some cases, take a look over here. entire trees toppling on to utility lines. that has knocked out power to some 350,000 georgia residents but wherever we look, we're seeing utility crews helping to restore and repair the damage.
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jon back to you. jon: jonathan serrie, is the weather cooperating at all there? >> reporter: well we got two things, we have got one thing going for us and one thing going intense us. -- against us. if you listen in the background, ignore the jet noise hyped me it sounds like it is raining. this is not. it is all the ice melting on tree branches. the ice getting ready to go. at that ultimately is a good thing but other thing happening is the wind is picking up. we expect even stronger wind as we go towards evening some if there is still ice caked on these trees, you will see even more trees toppling on to power lines but sun is coming out, the ice is melting rapidly and hopefully that continues before the wind really start to pick up, jon. jon: and that jet is actually good news because it probably means hartsfield is up and running again. there were at love shut-down
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flights there yesterday. >> reporter: that's right. there are still some canceled flights today, not as bad as yesterday and the airlines are hoping to return to normal over the next couple of days. by weekend everything should be back to normal. jon: let's hope. jonathan serrie, thank you. jenna: now we'll move on to the political climate and new fox polls out today on the president and key issues. the president's job approval rating remaining virtually unchanged since december. his job approval rating still above the 50% mark, at 53%. on the economy the president managed to get a passing grade according to most folks polled, passing grade. you see it higher. 24% gave him a failing grade but only4%. wendell goler live at the white house with more on this. wendell what did the polls tell us or what do they tell us about the president's push to bypass the republican-led house? >> reporter: the polls suggest most americans are not happy with it. white house says it is only
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necessary because of republican intransigence. they blame members of the tea party here. in the latest fox poll, 60% disapprove. only 37% approve. by even wider march begin, 74% to 23%, respondents say that is not how government is supposed to work going around congress. yesterday mr. obama signed an executive order that will raise the minimum wage for people that work for private companies that get federal contracts. public opinion polls show overwhelming support for raising the minimum wage for everyone. since republicans are blocking legislation that would do that, he is compelled to do what he can on his own. >> so while congress decides what its going to do and i hope this year and i'm going to work this year and urge this year that they actually pass a law, today i'm going to do what i can to help raise working americans wages. >> reporter: president says people who work full time shouldn't have to live in poverty though republicans say hiking the minimum wage will
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ultimately cost jobs. jenna. jenna: besides the minimum wage issue, general wendell, what else do the polls suggest? >> reporter: the president's push to even out income disparity is not very popular despite middle class incomes declined over the past couple decades when you factor in inflation. the "fox news poll" indicates most people think it is a bad idea for the federal government to be making policies to spread the wealth. and ironically, most people feel over the last five years federal government policies have actually increased the income gap. new hampshire republican senator kelly ayote points to obamacare which gives some people the option not to work or to work less. >> the president talks about income inequality but here we have the cbo director saying that this could be a disincentive to upward mobility. in other words, maybe i don't want to work harder in that position or to thaek that promotion because of the subsidies and the disincentives created under the obamacare.
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>> reporter: the white house says that provision helps people, helps to keep people from being locked into a particular job just to get health insurance. jenna? jenna: much more on the polls throughout the day. wendell, thank you. jon: so as we take a look at this winter storm all eyes are also on the midterm elections coming up in november with house democratic leaders plotting strategy this week hoping to regain control of the house with all of the seats up for grabs this november. democrats though have their work cut out for them. they would need to hold on all the of the seats they currently hold plus pick up 17. "the washington post" writes the democrats can't really hope to win the house but the republicans could conceivably do something to lose it says david wasserman who tracks house races for the non-partisan cook report. in order for democrats to have an opening this november republicans would need to pursue a self-destruct tiff strategy similar to the one we saw last october. joining us now caitlin burns, congressional reporter for "real clear politics."
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michael warren is also with us, writer for "the weekly standard." is that possibility of a republican self-destruct, caitlin, is that the that john boehner managed to get the debt ceiling increase without any strings attached? >> well when republicans had their own retreat a couple weeks ago they talked about focusing on issues that unite the party instead of dividing them. the debt ceiling was a reflection of that strategy. so as to get this issue behind them and move forward with focusing on jobs and the economy and their opposition to the health care law. so that is certainly a factor moving towards these midterm elections. jon: united, michael, republicans are pretty much united in their opposition to obamacare but this passing of the debt ceiling without any strings attached has splintered some factions of the party. >> right. democrats are sort of talking about in this "washington post" article that splintering can
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help them maybe take those 17 seats in 2014. i don't think that is probable and there are two reasons for that. one is structural. if you look at all of the congressional districts, they're kind of polarized. republicans represent very republican districts and democrats represent very democratic districts. there are a lot fewer swing districts and a lot fewer opportunities in 2014 for democrats to win. the second reason is the political environment. you've got democratic unity but democrats all together on this while republicans are split but they're on the wrong side of the issue. they're on the side of supporting obamacare when the big issue for 2014 is that americans don't like obamacare. i don't really see a very good strategy for democrats to win back the house t will be really, really difficult. as dave wasserman says, republicans have sort of got to shoot themselves in the foot. jon: caitlin, are democrats going to be able to run from obamacare as some seem to be trying to do? >> well it is interesting as
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democrats they're trying to capitalize on some republican vulnerabilities they do have some of their own. they are united on a lot of different issues but handling the rollout of the health care law has been dividing some of them. we've seen democrats in really tough re-election districts running ads talking about ways in which they want to fix the law and kind of criticizing the rollout there signaling that they do think that will be a vulnerability for them. also republicans are hoping to carve into the president's approval rating. we saw in a previous segment, his poll numbers are not doing as well as they have in the past. republicans will try to hone in on those and bring democrats down with that. jon: michael, part of the reason that barack obama got elected is because of his opposition to the wars in iraq and afghanistan. those essentially are not going to be a campaign issue in 2014. so that leaves democrats united but the question that you have
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asked is, united on what? >> exactly. again they're united on their support of obamacare but americans don't like obamacare. i think the one thing that republicans could do that could really give democrats an opening is to pursue immigration. i think the house leadership would like to pursue immigration. they have seemingly abandoned it for this congress but if the republicans did that, that could actually splinter their conference and give democrats an opening. increasingly slim chance that republicans are going to do that. so again you're left with democrats who say, well, what are we actually united on? what are we pushing forward? you can't really win an election i think on saying well, the republicans are splintered. you have actually got to be for something and house democrats are sort of in a bind on that. jon: we've seen some high-profile democrats announcing their retirements. that is a sign maybe they don't think they will win back the house this time around. caitlin huey burns, michael
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warren. thank you both. >> thanks. jenna: one republican lawmaker taking a stand against obamacare unveiling a new proposal that would let states make their own health care choices a live report and explanation just ahead. despite protests from the obama administration afghan president hamid karzai releasing 65 prisoners the u.s. considers drugs. what it means for relations between the two countries and means for our more than 34,000 u.s. troops still on the ground.
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jon: well after the disasterous health care rollout one gop law maker is throwing his own proposal in the mix allowing states to have their own health care system as they see fits. kate rogers has more on that. >> hey there. of all the anti-obamacare proposals coming out of d.c. this bill introduced by representative james lankford, the republican from oklahoma
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actually seems like it has potential. lankford introduced the health care compact bill which takes health care decision-making power away from the federal government and instead puts it into the hands of state lawmakers but only if they choose to join. if states opt to join the compact and take health care dollars to spend as they see fit. they cohave a free market system or single-payer system. won't interfere with long running programs in any state like federal services. states are closer to the residents than federal government. they can better implement major overhauls like health care reform. there will be less room for fraud if the operation is smaller on the state level than in a national system. so far eight different states actually signed on to the compact including texas and south carolina. and in 12 more states the legislatures are considering the bill but the compact bilas conge any state can implement its changes. since open he will rolement period ticked off on
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october 1st 3.3 million americans selected plans on both state and federal exchanges and under obamacare every individual has to have insurance by the end of open enrollment period on april 1st or they will face the fine of $95 a year or 1% of their annual income for failing to comply. there is no set date on a vote for the proposal but we'll definitely keep you posted on john and jenna. jon: $95 fine doesn't sound like that but 1% of the income. >> it ticks up right. thank you. jenna: with valentine's day tomorrow dating advice coming to you from the fbi of all places. the warning the agency is looking issuing to folks looking for love. we'll explain. the amber alert yesterday turning into something else. what police are revealing about the crime today. we're live at the breaking news desk with more.
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jon: we are getting wild new information on a story we brought you yesterday involving a amber alert. of the patti ann browne has that from the breaking news desk. >> jon, it is interesting. it started out as an amber alert. police believing two people including a minor had been kidnapped at knifepoint. turns out there was no kidnapping but some other crimes were committed according to police. it all began tuesday afternoon outside of a safe way store in oakland, california. witnesses in the parking lot say around 1:00 p.m. a man came out of the store wielding a knife. he exchanged words with a man in a car and then jumped inside. a girl, believed to be around 13 was a passenger. police were called and amber alert was issued for a red or burgundy suv. well the car turned out to be a sedan and the man who jumped actually knew the driver and the girl who was actually 18 years old. oakland police say the girl was never in danger and there was no
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kidnapping or carjacking. police do say the suspect, 54-year-old roy mkam. y was caught on camera stealing from safe way. while the theft was categorized as shoplifting and the suspect made threats with a knife. he has a history of committing thefts but no violent issues. he is being interviewed by the police. jon? jon: what a story. patti ann, thanks. jenna: the headline on the press release says it all. looking for love, beware of online dating scams. so how can you stay safe? how can your friends stay safe when there are online criminals out there? david kennedy, ceo of trusted sec. you recognize him. we have him on security of obamacare. great to have you on for a different topic. >> thanks for having me. i appreciate it. jenna: how low can you go is question of criminals out there? people looking for love and a
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little bit lonely. is there something we can watch out for? >> these folks will go as low as they possibly go. they will create fake profiles. make themselves look believable. spend weeks and months with you, really trying to gain your trust and find that love pattern that they're looking for. there are a lost indicators that you can do to -- jenna: i'm curious about that. is there a tell from an expert, is there a tell that something es amiss? >> a lot of times you know if they won't do video cam where you see them in person, if they have pictures that look kind of redundant or out of some sort of portfolio, those are common signs right there. also, you know, the intimacy part where you start talking on the phone, hey, when you're trying to set up a meeting continuously keep canceling it those are sure indicators something is amiss. they're probably not from the united states and abroad in foreign countries doing these scams. jenna: what is the scam? is it about money. >> not necessarily. asking for money later on
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especially once you established the relationship. if you have a connection with the person, being kind hearted spirits we typically give money to people in need especially if we're in love with them. things like, having them download something. sending you something to download it. take control of the computer. listen to your microphone, watch your camera. take information off of your computer like online banking, things like that. it is mischievous type of scam and one that fbi is really concerned about because they're seeing a large number of them happening. jenna: another scam the fbi mentioned is one i had not learned that much about. they will take your image. someone gets your trust, gets your image and put your image on a website labeled cheaters or something terrible about your reputation. obviously you want that image and your connection to the website to go away. they ask you for a fee, $99 for example to get your image removed. at that point, david, what do you do? who do you go to? >> you can go to these sites try to get them removeds. unfortunately when it is on the
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internet it is there permanently. that is the harmful part about this you get into a relationship online, if you don't comply they hold you ransom to those type of websites show you for cheating or being a bad person. unfortunately once it is on there, not much you can do. be cautious who you are talking to. online date something great. don't get me wrong. you need to be cautious of signs out there so you can protect yourself. jenna: i've been to a few wedding set up by online dating. nothing bad about that. i think a lot of different ways as you point out for people to meet. you know, david, a couple months ago my grandmother was victim of a scam. this was over the phone. she didn't give any money. she called me and i didn't know what to do. i ended up calling local police and other grandmothers targeted. the local police said there isn't much we can do. is there anyone you can tell if you're being scammed or realize you have been? >> depends on what the scam is targeting. unfortunately with the fbi or local law enforcement they usually won't touch a case
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unless over million dollars. if you're running into something like that impacted your grandma, looking what they're going after, whether it was financials, things like that. just getting information out there, publicizing it, talking to friend about it is about all you can do unfortunately. there is no one you can go to get it stopped. jenna: we did a segment on it, the grandmother scam. beyond that it was frustrating. this is a good head's up, david. good service before valentine's day. we appreciate it. >> have a safe valentines. jenna: you toys, it is sad they go after people who are just looking for love. prosecutors grill a woman accused of killing her husband's ex. so did amanda hayes help or hurt her case? we'll play some of that sound for you. also governor andrew cuomo declares a state of emergency for new york city and nearby areas and you kind of get the understanding as to why in this picture. the latest on the massive storm still hitting the east coast, turning into rain now outside our new york city studios.
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you won't believe who was behind the wheel. jon: now a fox news alert and that massive winter storm barreling up the east coast and now into the northeast. check it outside of our new york city headquarters. the snow blowing around looking like a tornado at times. a whole lot of wind with this one. millions of people are in the path of the system. forecast to dumb more than a foot of snow, heavy snow in some spots, along with treacherous travel conditions, not to mention thousands of canceled airline flights. laura ingle is live in new york city in our quick response vehicle. so what does it look like out there, laura? >> reporter: hey, jon, we're on manhattan's upper west side where we've seen a lot of shoveling and plowing and skidding and sliding on streets of manhattan. we'll switch out to the camera up on the roof of the qrv to show you what we're looking at as we're giving around. we have a you will kinds of mess on the streets and cars and
8:32 am
sidewalks are frosted thick like a cake today. it may look pretty but it is very nasty for anyone trying to get through it all. we're expecting somewhere around 10 inches in parts of the city today. there are some reports of power outages due to ice bringing down some trees and power lines. we were expecting that and it is in fact happening. there is a hazardous travel advisory in effect of the morning commute was tough and the drive home is expected to be miserable as well all around the area. more than 2300 pieces of snow removing equipment are being used here in new york city to deal with all the snowfall and new york governor andrew cuomo just declared a state of emergency for the mid hudson area, new york city. just held the news conference telling the new yorkers to take the storm seriously. just because we've had all the storms back-to-back frequently, this winter, he said, his words, not mine, don't get cocky or take them casually. all these can generate loss of life. a reminder to be careful out there, jon. jon: what about the airports
8:33 am
here, what is the situation there if. >> reporter: surprisingsly all of the airports are remaining open right now. really a miracle, when you take another look outside off of our camera off the roof and want to switch it out to show you once again how bad things have been looking. but our latest numbers from the port authority of new york and new jersey, newark, showing 620 canceled flights with only 16 flights taking off today. those numbers coming to us at 9:00 a.m. they have not been able to update numbers because the snow just won't stop. jfk reporting 328 cancellations. 68 planes up in the air. laguardia nearly 500 canceled. only six planes taking off. you of course know the drill. call ahead. if you don't have to be out in this don't do it, no reason to. we've been slipping and sliding in this thing and we're basically in a tank rolling around new york. jon: big four-wheel drive vehicle, the qrv. we have a dhl delivery truck behind me. he is doing nothing but spinning
8:34 am
his wheels trying to get out of a snowbank outside our studios, laura. you're doing better than he is. good job, laura ingle, stay safe out there. thanks. jenna: i want to take the next segment, give them a push they probably need it. jon: i didn't bring the proper foot gear. they're up in my office. jenna: keep us update the if they get free. not looking too promising. they're professionals. florida led the fight against obamacare all the way to the supreme court. the sunshine state is not finished yet. governor rick scott is set to run a state-run marketplace to deal with the law, the law he says decreases quality of care an increases cost and hurts business climate. fox business's cheryl casone is live in miami beach. cheryl? >> it is certainly nice, sunny and warm day for miami. it is not a sunny situation for the people of florida. 20% of the population in the state of florida do not have health insurance. we're talking about 1.3 million
8:35 am
people that are uninsured. only 43thousand even signed up fo in florida. governor scott, and senator marco rubio have been very clear saying they want to go their own way. this is florida, the state that led the fight against the supreme court with many other attorney generals to fight against obamacare and basically find their own way through this that is what they're doing here in florida. i want to read you a statement from marco rubio. we spoke to a spokeswoman from him today. basically we were told he could not join us today but that the florida health choices program, this is the new program they're putting through, is based on a principles of obamacare has violated. there are no mandates, trillions in new spending or bureaucratic rules that come between patients and their doctors at a time floridians are suffering under many consequences of obamacare. that is senator marco rubio talk this morning. let me give you background what florida health choice is. this is the kind of the new plan florida is coming up with.
8:36 am
this is why fox business is here today. it will launch this month. the costs is $6 between $25 per month. what florida health choices will do, basically, they can't market it, can't use word insurance, coverage, benefit, can't use words that violate federal law. what they can do is offer a la carte services and basic plans to floridians that either don't qualify for subsidies unobamacare or frankly middle class americans that don't have coverage. if you have a single medical issue, say you are a cancer patient. say that you have vision issues, these are plans that will be launched again later on this year that will actually cover those types of diseases. you can buy a plan that covers just that issue. for now these eight plans are going to be limited but they will offer things like vision, dental, the basic, prescription drug coverage, things that floridians basically do need. yes, it is sunny and warm here in florida but certainly the senior population in this state is going to have to come up with
8:37 am
something. we've seen a lot of doctors, talking to doctors here on the ground since we arrived yesterday. they have been telling us that they really don't want at all to take any new patient that is are covered. they used the word obamacare. guys, that's what is happening here in florida. we'll be out here all day of course covering this story. jenna: very interesting to see how different states are dealing and adapting with a new federal law. a story we'll watch. cheryl, thank you. appreciate it very much. jon: we are continuing to keep an eye on this dhl delivery truck. jenna: almost there. jon: he made about five feet of progress since we first showed you spinning his wheels. jenna: the packages may get there today, jon. jon: got a view of it there. he doesn't have four-wheel drive apparently but -- jenna: do you think they know they're on national television? jon: i don't think so. they will get the packages delivered one of these days. jenna: tell you a little push from jon scott, they're home free. we'll watch them from the cozy studio instead. jon: my snow boots are up in the
8:38 am
office. until i put those on i can't be of much help, sorry. big business deal in the works. comcast is buying time warner cable. what does it mean for the channels you watch if you're a subscriber as well as your monthly bill? plus dozens of dangerous prisoners in afghanistan will go free. this despite strong objections from the united states military. >> translator: previously a prisoner released from bagram. went back to the taliban and killed in an attack. these guys, i think they will return to their people, to the taliban.
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jenna: brand new stories for you in the next hour of "happening now." an early look at the race for the white house in 2016. each party usually favoring a certain kind of candidate but that might be changing. jonah goldberg on that. we're on the murder watch in the so-called loud music murder trial. was it murder or self-defense?
8:42 am
we're live from the courthouse in florida with more. we showed you this first yesterday when it just broke but now brand new video from inside the national corvette museum where a massive sinkhole opened up and swallowing some beautiful classic cars. jon: well, despite fierce objection from the united states, dozens of prisoners including taliban fighters who killed afghan men, women and children are walking free. this after president hamid karzai let them out of a former u.s. prison in bagram. as some 34,000 u.s. troops remain on the ground in afghanistan leland vittert following that story from our jerusalem bureau. leland. >> reporter: and jon, the u.s. military will say a number of prisoners let out by the afghanistan president have the blood of u.s. servicemen on their hands as well. one of the men who was released today also was a key maker of bombs for the taliban called one of their explosive experts.
8:43 am
they were let out of prison today by hamid karzai, the president there in afghanistan. the u.s. government had asked for each of these men to stay locked up behind bars so they could not return to the battlefield and continue their militant ways. remember it was a about a year-and-a-half ago that hamid karzai demanded control over all prisoners inside of afghanistan from the u.s. military. the military said that's fine under one condition, you don't let anybody go without our approval. obviously today's release flies directly in the face of that agreement made by president karzai. over the past year or so, the relationship between president karzai and the u.s. has really hit rock bottom. this may be the beginning of the starting to dig from rock bottom as things have gotten even worse. remember president karzai was brought to power by the united states after 9/11 in the war in afghanistan. the u.s. has spent untold billions of dollars propping up his government. obviously also at the cost of thousands of american lives
8:44 am
there inside afghanistan. this comes at a very key point here. we're just about six weeks away from the afghanistan elections where the successor to president karzai is going to be chosen. this is one of president karzai's final hurrah moves here against the united states. the second thing though looking forward to keep in mind is there is no security agreement right now in place between afghanistan and the united states for after the end of this year that would allow u.s. troops to stay there on the ground, carry out missions, help train the afghan military, those kinds of things and the successor to president karzai will only have a couple of months to sign that after president karzai for the past five or six months has been really bouncing back and forth, seemed very erratic to u.s. political types in terms whether he would support the united states or not. after this move obviously very difficult to see how he will change his mind in the next couple months, jon? >> pretty appalling from a national leader. jenna has more on that now. leland vitter, thank you.
8:45 am
jenna: as prisoners walk free we're getting word of two deaths of u.s. coalition soldiers. afghan weapons turned their weapons on these troops, their western allies. fears what this foreshadows about our withdrawal. some officials expressed fear of international role winds down the impetus of attacks among afghan security forces grow and nato forces withdraw and afghan security forces are left to fend for themselves in hostile areas of country, more soldiers and police officers may become susceptible to joining insurgency as a means of survival. a situation that has already started to happen in some areas. joining us general jack keane, retired four-star general, former chief of staff of the army and fox news military analyst. general keane, i know you've been afghanistan many times. what does that mean for our troops there now? >> certainly releasing
8:46 am
detainees, literally hundreds of them, jenna this is the last group of them made no sense right from the beginning. just think about it. if we had released hardcore nazis prior to the end of world war ii, karzai has had it in his head that by releasing detainees as an act of benevolence this would foster a peace process. that has been a dismal failure. quite the contrary, none of these detainees should be released until there is a peace process and in fact a peace settlement. certainly our troops, while they remain in country and afghans after are at the peril of these killers and thugs to be sure. jenna: you mentioned that we would not release nazis. i'm sure that something that resonates with our viewers. we wouldn't. in fact we executed americans that worked with the nazis. how did we allow this to happen? >> we never should have allowed it to happen but what we did do, we had veto power over any detainee that would be released who we believed was dangerous or
8:47 am
a threat to our troops or our interests. and we had been exercising that veto power. but recently karzai has ignored it and released these detainees in any event. that is why this language that u.s. government officials is using is the strongest i have ever seen on this subject and obviously our leaders and our officials are very concerned. jenna: what actions will follow that language? >> nothing. the fact of the matter is they're going to be out on the street and we're going to move past karzai and make a bilateral security agreement with his successor over the next number of months. jenna: so here we are, middle of february, the election in afghanistan is the first week of april. we've talked many a time, general, about this spring fighting season when the weather improves in afghanistan and there is more fighting and altercations. what do you think our soldiers are facing? even though we say we're going to leave, what are they facing in the months ahead? >> well certainly when you're on the battlefield you're always
8:48 am
susceptible and vulnerable to a certain degree. what our role is now is supporting afghans leading the fight. so we have backed away from it. but given nature of a battlefield. jon: any place on that is a element of danger. we'll reduce our forces towards end of the year to almost nothing and i hope that this administration does leave an adequate force behind to continue to strengthen the afghans and continue to maintain kind of influence we need with the afghan government, unlike what we did in iraq where we pulled out entirely. jenna: what is an an adequate force? >> my judgment, minimal, 20,000. optimal 30. i think probably the recommendation has gone from the military to the pentagon, excuse me, gone from the white house to the pentagon, is something less than 15,000. and i know they're negotiate the a force level of 10 or less which i do believe is inadequate. jenna: general keane, great to have you. nice to talk about the troops that are still there. we get into a lot of politics
8:49 am
but nice to focus on them and what they're facing. thank you very much for your time. >> terrific work, jenna as you well know and good talking to you. jenna: great to see you, sir. thank you. jon: so the fierce winter weather in the east is grounding air travel really all across the country. at reagan national just outside of d.c. hundreds of flights canceled up and down the boards. you can see the snowblowers in action on the runways. we're live at that airport at the top of the hour. take a look at this. a video camera tumbling to earth. you won't believe when you see where it landed.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
jon: well a california woman makes an amazing discovery. she finds a video camera on her
8:53 am
property in a pig pen. but what was on the video is even more amazing. love that shot. william la jeunesse live in l.a. with that. william? >> reporter: you don't want to be there right, jon? this is marketed as one of the most versatile cameras in therl. take it underwater and on the slopes. it appears these go pro cameras can survive falling thoughts of feet out of an airplane. some skydivers in northern california were attempting to record their jump when the camera got loose and fell out. the camera continues to record as it plummets to the ground. the minute-long clip does not end there. believe it or not. it lands, face up in a pig pen belonging to mia of closer dale, california. she found the camera intact, some eight months after it fell. she up loaded the video only seeing one of her pigs trying to eat the go pro. it went viral.
8:54 am
in days recorded more than 4 million hits on youtube. some 5,000 people online questioned authenticity, whether it's a publicity stunt. why? less than a week ago the silicon valley company filed paperwork to sell its stock publicly for the first time in an ipo there is no better way to boost the stock price of course than a promotion like this. we have a call and emails into the company but the pr rep has said to another media outlet, this is the real deal and their cameras have been known to survive extreme falls because it has a real hard shell. and you know, can't be eaten if you even by a pig, jon? jon: goes to show you that pigs will try to eat anything. good thing they didn't manage to ingest that thing. that would have been whole another video. william la jeunesse. >> reporter: that is even better, right? jon: yeah, wow. i managed to drop a paper cup out of an airplane when i was flying. that's about it. jenna: no camera? jon: no camera.
8:55 am
always hold on to the camera. jenna: from that to this now. suv versus dmv. how do you think that worked out? the whole thing was caught on surveillance tape. you can see the black car careening into the office, narrowly missing a group eppeople sitting in chairs as they scramble to get out of the ways. dmv is already a tough job when you go there right, jon? let alone to worry about cars coming into the office. a 10-year-old girl was behind the wheel of the suv. her mom left keys in the car. when she ran into the dmv to run anker rand. the little girl moved into the drivers seat, shifted the car to drive. police are charging the 10-year-old with careless driving. likely no one was seriously hurt but a great question brought up by our crew. is it the girl's fault or is it the mother's fault for leaving the keys in the ignition jon? jon: how do you charge her with careless driving when she doesn't have a license yet? you take points off the license she will get in another six or seven years? jenna: your children would never do that. jon: my children, knock on
8:56 am
something have been pretty good drivers to this point. i'm working with my 16-year-old right now. jenna: not in this weather hopefully. jon: no. today is a good snow driving lesson. take her on the parking lot. jenna: if you have to learn to drive jon scott would be the one. i think you would be a good one. jon: she has been good so far. take her out in the jeep, let her do some doughnuts. it's great. turns out love like politics might break along party lines. according to a brand new fox poll. 49% of democrats saying they're looking forward to valentine's day compared to 59% of the republicans. go figure. but whatever your political persuasion we wish you a very happy valentine's day. jenna: that is interesting. i wonder why. we'll have to look deeper next time. very interesting. we're hearing a lot about income inequality. coming up why americans think is the cause and why many say the mt. 's plan to spread the wealth is not a good idea. is it good idea for any party to take on the topic? we'll talk about it.
8:57 am
new cold war brewing rivals u.s. and russia. this time over arctic ice. of.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
jon: fox extreme weather alert on a dangerous winter storm with millions of americans in its paths. bulk of the second hour of "happening now." i am jon scott. jenna: i am jenna lee. the southeast getting pounded by snow, wind. the snow barreling into the northeast after leaving half a million people without power down south. in the fox extreme weather center and at reagan national airport where we begin. steve. reporter: good morning. here at reagan national airport, the runways are closed also at dallas airport, major international airport for the d.c. area, and they're working
9:01 am
feverishly feverishly to get them open. some passengers are stranded at the major winter storm dumped 6 inches of snow here and 12 inches of snow out at the airport. look at the board's post in the flights available. they are cancelled all the way down the line, something you rarely see here at the national airport. yesterday a lot of cancelled into atlanta but today all of them going anywhere, very few plans on the ground. some are stranded in the airport overnight sitting on chairs aren't very comfortable waiting to be rescheduled over whatever flight they can get out. one man trying to get down south to visit his ailing mother. >> been here since 2:00 yesterday afternoon, and i'm leaving tonight at 7:30 if the plane is on time to get down to huntsville. speak about 30 hours sitting in this airport. >> not fun, let me tell you.
9:02 am
reporter: not something you want to do. army of men and equipment on the runway trying to open this airport, which is still close at this hour. they are not saying when they will be able to reopen it. we are working feverishly to do that. some 400 crews, 60 plows, snowblowers and sweepers trying to remove the snow, haul it away. a spokesman said this will have a ripple effect throughout the system and here's what he told us. >> a storm of this magnitude when you have to close runways like this will take some time to dig out here and the northeast and the southeast, the aviation industry, air travel network is so connected, a ripple effect from here they will feel it across the country for a couple of days while the airlines catch up. reporter: still no word when they will open the runways here. the northeast getting slammed, philadelphia, aged new york
9:03 am
airport open, they are open on a very limited basis. not that many flights taking off or landing. over 9000 flights cancelled nationwide yesterday and today. it is going to take some time, probably days, to get back to normal. jenna: we hope for the best. thank you. jon: united, the big airport operator at newark managed to get 11 flights off the ground this morning. that is not a lot compared to normal. a lot of issues outside. we are tracking the weather. >> it has turned to rain now. transitioning into some rain and it will melt a little bit of it turning into a sloppy mess that we often get around the city. take a look at temperatures. 37 atlanta, little sunshine
9:04 am
coming through there, melting the ice. incredible ice storm across parts of the south. interior sections the high elevation saw some pretty significant snow as well. 34 degrees right now, that is where we are seeing the temperatures warm up a little bit. we're starting to see that transition into rain. the snowfall totals across parts of the south, many areas up to about a foot of snow and it doesn't fall typically that much in areas across the south, but we certainly have some good snow there. up to a foot and a half in parts of maryland. all of the snow will transition into rain and a little bit of a break. here is the latest radar.
9:05 am
down toward philadelphia as well. in places like philly. in d.c. as this wraps up, cooler air back down and late into the night tonight. another few inches of snow by the time this is done. lot of wind, part of the reason we will be seeing a lot of the delays at the airport. 7:00 tonight back to snow, still rain around new york city by 11:00 tonight start to see philadelphia, more snow and the overnight hours to do 3 inches and then this is gone, a windy day but not all that cold, little more additional melting. jon: thanks.
9:06 am
jenna: and new insight into what americans think is the real cause of income inequality. according to a brand-new fox poll, americans to the government's policies actually create the income gap in the first place. another foster t fox news poll s americans did not think that is the answer. in chicago this week new jersey governor told the audience washington needs to embrace more policies that allow americans to make it on their own. >> i don't think the american people want income inequality. what they want his income opportunity. if i go to somebody writes now and say i can guarantee you ask dollars per year the rest of your life, the might be some american who would accept that. but i think most people in america so how can i get a little bit more than that which mark that is the spirit of this
9:07 am
country. i think that the problem we have is an opportunity gap, not in income equality gap. jenna: this is a topic of your conversation. interesting to read the income inequality debate first started. income inequality is a political loser when it comes to the issue, why is that? >> i agree with chris christie. although the democratic left would like to push it, the current mayor of new york city bill de blasio got elected in the theme of the tale of two cities perhaps works in new york city or perhaps as a chooses where senator elizabeth warren got elected. in the united states it becomes a political loser pretty much for the reasons chris christie suggested.
9:08 am
most people do not resent those who have made money because they understand those who have made money are the ones running the company, creating the companies that produce jobs they themselves and their family will work for. jenna: more of an aspirational quality to achieve the success that in some political circles some suggest they might want next. >> the idea of income inequality and resentment of the upper classes is in many ways a european ideal. jenna: you said goes back to 1912 europe. >> in his speech on this barack obama said "statistics show income disparities in the united states are not much better than those in jamaica. what are you talking about statistically the united states is no better than jamaica? there is a statistical device created by an italian sanitation
9:09 am
in 1912. ever since economies have used it to measure every countries goal in income disparity. but the question remains what does that have to do with real life for people in the united states who governor christie suggested are trying to aspire upward? jenna: i have a little bit more sound from him, his talked earlier this week. let's go ahead and play that. i think we're going to have an issue with that sound. actually, we will save it, we heard a little bit about what he had to say. the administration has effectively change the conversation to this one about income inequality. sshould republicans take that on nose to nose, where should this a just a different topic essen number one issue for americans today? >> i think they should take it on head-on.
9:10 am
some of the numbers that you are showing earlier suggest to me why the republicans should do it. united states since world war ii on word has an annual growth rate over 3%. below 2% during the obama presidency. that may seem like an economic statistics as well. but when the growth rate falls, jobs are not created, there is not enough economic activity in the u.s., and this is the sort of thing republicans have got to talk about, how can we get the jobs a priority? jenna: based on an economy he inherited, not one he created. so far seems republicans haven't created a narrative that really contradicts or combats that anyway successfully thus far. why not? >> there is no real spokesman in the republican party. there is no one individual the way the president himself has
9:11 am
spoken for his party. they do have an opportunity, i think, with the nightmarish experience obamacare has. it is a huge flaw an in their discovery didn't affect just the on insurerinsurers, we had to ft if they have to apply for it. the administration nosed they will take them off the hook. the dynamics of that law and the way it is forcing employers to determine if they are in compliance or if they can hide from it rather than running their businesses, growing their businesses and thinking about if they can hire more workers is exactly the problem at the center of what we have been going through the last five years. jenna: you also mention education because there is still this issue of the very poor in this country, that in so many cases seems to have caused a ripple effect throughout the country, right?
9:12 am
stories in new york, stories in detroit, what is your point in education you think needs to be brought up? >> the issue is income inequality and disparity, the one thing everybody agrees on across the board is a good education, successful education translates into higher earnings over one's lifetime. in the inner cities of these united states, people are getting failed public educations by and large. as long as the union refused to reform the systems in places like new york, chicago, los angeles, income disparities are going to persist, the young people simply will graduate without being educated to work in the economy we work in today. i think that is a test for seriousness about income disparity in the school system. jenna: thank you. jon: if you love classic cars you will want an update on this story we first brought you yesterday. eight prize corvettes end up in
9:13 am
a mangled heap underground. we have some video showing how that happened, plus what you don't know about vitamins could ruin your exercise routine. some startling new research suggests those supplements could be doing more harm than good. also a jury deciding the fate of the man accused of killing a florida teenager because the music he was playing with 2 too loud. >> he told the officers i have everything good in my life, i'm not looking for trouble at all. why would i do that?
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
jon: this is the story that had jenna openly weeping yesterday. eight prize corvettes simply gone with a massive sinkhole opened up below the national corvette museum in kentucky. surveillance video captures a moment the ground gave way
9:17 am
swallowing the vehicle. an engineering team is now on the scene assessing the damage as well as the stability of the surrounding area. fortunately the museum was closed at the time, nobody hurt. classic car lovers everywhere are heartbroken today. jenna: i'm a little bit more of a camaro kind of a girl. you cannot be choosy. does not look good. we're waiting the verdict in the loud music murder trial. he's accused of shooting and killing a florida teenager who was apparently blasting music from an suv. he says a confrontation escalated and he was fighting for his life. but prosecutors argue its nature teenager did not stand a chance. live in miami with more on this. >> the 47-year-old computer programmer does not tonight he fired the shot that killed 17-year-old jordan davis but only did so after he believed he saw a shotgun being pointed at
9:18 am
him. he said he was afraid for his life and fired purely in self-defense. >> i am looking out the window, you are not going to kill me, you son of a [bleep]. and i shot. >> do you recall how many times you shot? >> i do not. jon: the 12 person jury of seven women and five men began deliberating last night and again this morning. they asked for surveillance video in which the shots fired can clearly be heard. [shots firing] jon: he fired 10 shots and all from his 9-millimeter pistol, nine of those shots hit the suv in which the teenager were.
9:19 am
that last shot was fired from the suv as it was pulling away. he faces a first-degree murder charge. jenna: steve, thank you. jon: in another trial very much in the news, amanda hayes mak ms a dramatic appeal to jurors telling them she is not guilty in the murder trial. coming up, some of her final remarks and if the jury will buy the claim she acted out of fear per husband would harm her or their child. >> she would cry and he would pull me aside and look like he would throw her out the side of the car.
9:20 am
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9:23 am
jenna: an american ship arriving in spain ahead of an unprecedented mission to collect and destroy syria's chemical weapons. pulling into the dock before going to italy. the did with two machines to neutralize hundreds of tons of toxic chemicals. those chemicals of course supposed to be removed from serious permanent special effort to destroy them by the end of the year. they need serious help in this. sprinted to be the mediterranean sea by march 31. jon: i a woman accused of murdering her husband's ex-girlfriend testifies in her own defense. amanda hayes faces life in prison if she is convicted of murdering her husband's former girlfriend after a long custody dispute. in her final remarks in the court yesterday, hayes denied claims she told another inmate about disposing of laura's body.
9:24 am
>> to recall telling her when laura came over from the house that she fell and she didn't seem to be moving? >> no, ma'am, don't recall that. >> to recall telling her he tried to wake her up by putting a wet towel on her face? >> no, ma'am. >> recall saying he took the body out to dump it in hopes alligators would eat it at the other end? >> no, ma'am, don't recall that. jon: a criminal defense attorney, former prosecutor. it was the prosecutions chance to cross examine her yesterday, and i thought she did fairly well in that she would admit to some things.
9:25 am
>> sitting next to him making those. >> i can't say for sure, the site in the same house? yes, i was, i did not lea leaveo go anywhere on tuesday. i really did not get in the middle of the two of them. a lot of times we never grant would ask me ultimately i would tell him they are his children, he has to make the decision. i encouraged him to have good communication with them because they had children together. jon: talking about the day of the murder saying she did not wants to get in between the husband and the ex-girlfriend mother of his children. she admits i was in the house, i would just was not sitting on the couch. >> when you come across too rigid, deny everything. jurors had unbelievable ability to sort that out.
9:26 am
and again, the jurors have to determine where the truth is. we don't have the machine other than a polygraph, which is another discussion. >jon: aren't prosecutors opposed to ask questions they know the answer to? >> she's having opportunity to explain things and tell her side of the story. the prosecutors want to show that is emotive for her to be involved. very authentic. it appears she really cares and this is a traumatic experience and remorse for the life that was lost. jon: yesterday we played for our viewers sound the testimony of the night she was in the boat in texas with her husband, he is disposing of the body. here's how the prosecutor tried to challenge her on that in court, listen.
9:27 am
>> you were in your own world listening to the animal looking toward the back of the boat bailing out having no idea what was in the boat or what grant hayes was doing? >> i never said i had no idea what he was doing. i said i was facing the other direction, that i didn't see anything and i did not touch anything in regards to what he was doing. i didn't say i didn't know what i was doing. i absolutely knew what he was doing, that is correct. i am pretty sure they hurt me. i knew what he was doing. >> what was he doing? >> he was getting rid of laura's body. jon: effective? >> her whole response was she was under duress. she is telling the prosecutor, think she's holding her own ground here. this was the reason why. >> you can readily admit the
9:28 am
facts. sure, i disposed of it, i did this but i was under duress. like boxing referee's, the prosecutors getting hurt. jon: she is a valuable business in her own defense. >> a lot of times coming out of the gate it backfires. she was calm, she seems pretty credible. jon: for viewers have seen stepford wives, the defense wanted to bring those two movies in and play them for the jurors because they say grant hayes essentially was a talented mr. ripley. very cunning, evil killer who manipulates those around him. the judge would not let those movies coming in but did say they can mention them.
9:29 am
>> they want their version to these jurors and sometimes the best way to do that is to relate things the jurors can relate to like these movies. the way they say it happened in order to convince the jurors to acquit. >> quoted as i wanted a stepford wives. the other point, if he can kill and dismember somebody when he pulls out and machete and threatens her, to be a viable thing. jon: looking at grant hayes who has be the murder of the former girlfriend and two sons. among the previous careers, amanda hayes has been a cosmetologist, a retail
9:30 am
salesperson and an actress. >> that is interesting. the jurors are going to look at her and anytime a witness takes the stand, the jurors are looking totally at her story, if they don't believe her. >> she has done pretty good on take on. jon: it is a fascinating case. we will keep our viewers a prize of what happens. jenna: big business story, huge merger in the works. who wants to buy time warner cable and what it could mean for all of us. plus 26 teammates seem very far away for democrats and republicans reverse in their traditional roles in the next presidential campaign. jonah goldberg with how next. ♪
9:31 am
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9:35 am
dynamic about the presidential race so far is that the democrats are behaving like republicans and vice versa. well, jonah goldberg is also editor-at-large of he is a fox news contributor and booed enough to join us this morning. i like the way you started that piece of the you said it is too early to start about 2016. now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's talk about 2016. what do you mean the roles are reversed this time? >> going back to wendell will can i, a figure that looms large in all of our minimumries, republicans have always gone for the guy who was, whose turn it was with two exceptions. eisenhower beat hitler and conquered europe and that was a special case. and barry goldwater who was a special case. everybody else, dole, bush, romney, mccain, these are all people sort of, it was their turn and this time around we've seen something reversed where a lot of republicans don't want
9:36 am
anyone having to do with washington and people who do have anything to do with washington, ted cruz, rand paul, are spending all their time running against washington and not trying to be part of the establishment. meanwhile democrats, they're all lining up essentially behind hillary clinton and lesser extent, joe biden, stop laughing and hillary clinton is essentially the most front running of any democratic politician we've seen probably in our lifetimes. everyone sorted taking it for granted it is her nomination if she wants it. jon: she sort of came in second the last time around which is the typical republican mo. is she unstoppable if she gets nomination? >> i think it might be very hard from keeping her from getting nomination. i think she is eminently beatable as general election candidate. you watch barack obama, you watch bill clinton, you can see why these people are possible with their base. they're very charismatic personalities. hillary clinton is formidable
9:37 am
woman but most of her charisma is projected on to her. i don't think she is a very skillful stump politician. she remind me more of the kind of person who comes up to tell you there is no eating in the library. she is not, you know, i don't think she is all that compelling a character. she is very old news. i don't mean to be disparaging about her age, she has been on the national scene for a quarter after century. if you're under 30 you can't remember a time she was not in the news. jon: you call her the grandmother of obamacare. what do you mean about that. >> one of the things that hurt john mccain and mitt romney a god deal they couldn't distance themselves from unpopular republican president george w. bush. hillary clinton was not only obama's secretary of state, she was in fact the precursor to obamacare. her hillary care, her health care reform initiative laid the groundwork for a obamacare, something she used to brag
9:38 am
about, democrats used to brag about. they don't want to talk about it too much anymore because obamacare is unpopular. it is difficult to see how hillary clinton can distance herself from the incumbent president. historically it is extremely rare for parties to hold on to the white house for three elections in a row. it would take a powerful politician with a real sort of charismatic pull of the american people and a good economy to do that and good approval ratings for incumbent president. none of those things seem to be in the offing. jon: as you know there is awful lot of excitement about the possibility of electing the first female president in this country. >> i can hardly contain my enthusiasm. i think it would be a wonderful thing. i think having a black president was a wonderful thing. these are no the people who i would first want to vote for for that. yeah, there is lot of enthusiasm. certainly feminist groups are eager to gin up the idea if you're against hillary, you're against having a female president which i don't think any sarah palin supporter or condoleezza rice supporter would ever take seriously but a lot of
9:39 am
people in the mainstream media will take it seriously and if they can turn mitt romney into the, the foremost representative of the war on women, they can certainly make anybody seem sexist for opposing hillary clinton, at least to their own satisfaction. i don't know that it will work with voters. in a lot of way that is stuff kind of bore as lot of people. jon: earlier we had up a slide of showing three senators who could be in the hunt, ted cruz, rand paul, marco rubio. those are guys who, as you say, spend a lot of time sort of decrying the city which they work. what about governors out there? chris christie taken his lumps recently. chris christie is one. you have got other governors. bobby jindal. >> scott walker. jon: scott walker, right. even mike huckabee, who appears on this channel. what about them as potential candidates? >> i think this is fantastic year for governors. i think in part because just as
9:40 am
i was saying democrats are behaving like republicans, republicans at least have a yearning to behave like democrats they want an outsider, they want a fresh face. they want someone not tainted by the way things have been not done in washington for a long time. i was arguing for years a big part of the tea parties were a delayed buck bash lash. that they didn't like compassionate conservatism. they didn't like expansion of entitlements we saw and deficit spending. they were asked to vote for john mccain. then they're asked to vote for mitt romney. they now want one of their guys and i think governors who are not tainted by what is going on in washington and tainted by debt ceiling votes and all of that and don't have the problem of having to prove that it is not their fault that obamacare passed over their heads, they have a real advantage when it comes to the debate. scott walker, bobby jindal have impressive records. jon: they have done some things in their home states, that's for sure. jonah goldberg,
9:41 am thank you. >> great to be here. thank you. jenna: deal in the works to create a big cable giant. comcast is set to buy rival time warner cable for more than $45 billion. the move will result in a single company with roughly 30 million subscribers nationwide but the merger is facing potentially high hurdles. our elizabeth macdonald from the fox business network is here with more on this story. liz? >> reporter: you may be getting a new cable provider. the nation's two largest cable internet companies are merging in a whopper of a deal. comcast buying time warner cable in a friendly all-stock merger for $45.2 billion. if approved it would affect a third of all cable customers in the u.s. or estimated 33 million people. it is estimated the comcast-time warner company would be the largest cable operator in the 19 of top 20 u.s. markets that includes los angeles, new york city, san francisco, washington, d.c., philadelphia, chicago and dallas. get this being cable king is one
9:42 am
thing. customer satisfaction entirely another. both time warner and comcast range last in customer satisfaction of among all tv service providers. this is according to the american customer satisfaction index. comcast score ad 63% while time warner cable scored a 60% and verizon, directv and dish, well they scored higher but not by much. comcast and time warner said they are working diligently to improve customer service but for now the cable megamerger requires government approval. which means it faces intense regulatory scrutiny focusing whether customers will face less choice, higher prices, reduced competition. the government will also have to scrutinize whether the merger could exert outside control on content providers and advertisers and already ubs, which is wall street shop, says that customers can expect cable bills from this merger of about $150 an average. so that is the issue.
9:43 am
will your cable bill go up? jenna: that mean the cable guy will come on time between hours of 2:00 and 6:00 when they say they are going to come. >> phone calls get answered on time. that is a big question. jenna: big cop has so much control of the market you could have an issue where you don't have a lot of competition. >> reporter: that is definitely on the slate for government approval here. the justice department apparently will be taking a look at this one. jenna: fascinating. liz, thank you. >> reporter: glad to be with you. jon: i long for the days of rabbit ears. jenna: do you, jon? jon: it was free! you didn't have to pay for your television. a train derailment creates a huge mess in pennsylvania. new video of that accident and what investigators are doing now. do you think vitamins will help you get the most out of your workout? think again. a new study says some vitamins might actually be working against you. >> what are you doing up there? >> it is like skiing in the city >> kinda what are we doing out
9:44 am
here? >> i don't know. this was your idea. >> my idea? >> yes. >> let's go inside. see you stop top of the hour. >> see you then. ♪ [ chicken caws ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. eartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums!
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jenna: "happening now," some eye-opening new research about vitamins and exercise. one long-held belief maintains adding vitamins and supplements to a workout routine will benefit exercise for all of us. i'm sure you heard about that. according to a new study popular vitamins could have the opposite effect. we have a physician from nyu langone medical center here to talk a little bit about this. before we get started on this particular study a few weeks ago we did the big reports there was a question about whether or not vitamins are good for you, sipliments and vitamins are good for you. >> correct. jenna: this is a little different than that how so? >> this is different. the study we reported on a month ago really had to do multiv they
9:48 am
reduced deaths and cardiovascular and cancer and we found that was not the case. this study looked whether taking antioxidants would improve exercise capacity and improve the overall muscle health for people working out. so it has been a long-held belief that, certainly physician logically when you exercise you generate something called free radicals. that is normal. too much is not good for you. if you take antioxidants you get rid of those. you get better outcome from exercise. jenna: when you see antioxidants on anything you think this would be great. >> you would imagine it would. this was an interesting study published last week in the journal of physicianology. it came out of norway. they took 54 men and women recreational athletes. did tons of studies and lab markers and muscle biopsies. they put them in two groups. one was taking extra vitamin e and c which are two antioxidant. one was taking placebo.
9:49 am
they did vigorous exercise for 11 weeks and measured all these things. they found both groups improved exercise capacity. endurance improved when they looked at markers of energy production in might toe con dry yaw, with i is the surrogate for building new muscles and energy the placebo group did better. jenna: the people that did not take supplements and antioxidants their cell development, stuff that gives you energy and gets you going -- >> was better than those with antioxidants. they can't explain why. there simply describing their findings. their hypothesizing that perhaps these free radicals we once thought were so detrimental to muscle growth, et cetera, could actually be doing something biochemally that is a good thing, that is stimulating something good. jenna: big picture because we have people watching that are exercising and there are people that are not. what is the takeaway small study as it is with the news we got on supplements a few weeks ago, now this specifically when it comes to taking extra antioxidants?
9:50 am
what is the big message? >> body naturally has antioxidants. bottomeddy, the human body is a very, very elegant machine and there is nice little homeostatic balance we have. it appears from this study taking that extra antioxident could attenuating health benefits from exercise. say, stick to well-balanced diet. hydrate before exercise and don't rely on a pill to get extra health benefit. work out harder. we're getting extra over and over again this appears not to be so helpful in the end. jenna: doctor, great to have you as always. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. jon? jon: surprising information there. a new turf battle heating up in the arctic ocean. different nations staking claims to newly-formed shipping lanes. what some say the u.s. should do before it's too late. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh! i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something.
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jon: well right now a new cold war of sorts is brewing, this one over icebreakers in the arctic. polar ice is retreating, opening up the possibility of new shipping lanes and even oil exploration. russia has 25 icebreakers patrolling the north pole region. the united states has only two. dan springer live from see at well more on that. >> reporter: yeah, jon, that imbalance has some worried that the u.s. is falling so far behind russia and even china now that it poses a national security threat but icebreakers don't come cheap. the pentagon is in serious cost-cutting mode. permanent sea ice has been recede around the north pole since the 1970s. led to countries staking claims what amounts to a brand new ocean. china is not even an arctic nation and it has two new icebreakers while russia as you said, 25, including six nuclear
9:55 am
powered. the u.s. coast guard needs six to handle all the increased traffic in the arctic from research vessels to offshore oil drilling rigs. alaska senator mark begich has been a critic of the obama administration over the refusal to fund a single new icebreaker which he says could head off trouble in the future. >> we want to make sure we are there, sometimes having the right equipment is a great deterrence but also with all the new development going on and the unsettled law of the sea, let's make sure we have the right balance up there. >> reporter: the hold up is cost. a new icebreaker runs nearlyhundred million dollars even though retrofit to existing ship runs $300 million. right now the pentagon is cutting spending by $31 billion this year and even more next year. critics say there is no immediate military need and coast guard and navy should not be a escort service for oil and shipping companies. >> if the pentagon wants to spend more than a billion dollars on new ships and
9:56 am
retrofits, something else will have to give. there are supposed to be reducing their budget. the favor very has already more ships on its plate than it can afford. >> reporter: there is a bill introduced in the house that would fund a retrofit for a third icebreaker in the u.s. jon? jon: keep us updated. interesting story. dan springer, thanks. jenna: you don't want to get left out in the cold this van tine's day do you? jon: no. jenna: we'll look how most people feel about the day plus sure fire gifts, jon, that will win over any sweetheart. jon: nice. jenna: that's next.
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
it is so nice you have a toy just in time for valentine's day. most americans are actually excited about it. according to the now poll six in ten are looking forward to tomorrow. we are not sure about the four out of ten that are not. most people are happy with the
10:00 am
traditional nower ands candy and they are looking for bigger gifts like a car or vacation. >> i am not taking you on a vacaution. >> nowers would be nice. >> thanks for joaning us. america's new's head quarter ares starts right now. >> you owe me chocolate. >> find out tomorrow. fox nows alert a deadly storm in the northeast after whacking the south. >> i am bill hemmer. nand i am allyson camerota. the storm knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people and leaving air travellers stuck. we have the nows for you. rick is live in philadelphia. we'll start there. rick, how is it? >> reporter: well, the snow finally stopped and a light rainfalling and 34 degrees. if there is good news, the road is starting to


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